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Dashboards and Reports

Visualization of the manufacturing process has been a part of manufacturing since the dawn of SCADA systems. Our variety of modules can provide you with a real-time dashboard that are automatically updated with the most current data available.

We Can

1. Provide you with a factory-wide portal that can be used by all departments to access reports that they are authorized for.

2. Provide real-time dashboards contextualized according to the objectives of each department including the top management.

3. Provide contextualized reports according to the stakeholders’ functions.

4. Provide you access to key data and reports anywhere.

5. Integrate with your existing visualization platforms such as

  • * Tableau
  • * Power BI
  • * QlikView
  • * And more

6. Provide data streams in real-time to your cloud-based / in-premise IOT platforms such as

  • * PTC Thingworx
  • * Microsoft Azure
  • * IBM Watson