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Quality Management System

It’s not important how many good products were delivered—only the bad ones count. Quality Management Systems (QMS) enable manufacturers to electronically monitor, manage and document their quality processes to help ensure that products are manufactured within tolerance, comply with all applicable standards, and do not contain defects. QMS provides the procedures, processes, structure, and resources needed to streamline manufacturing and ERP operations while cost-effectively managing quality issues.

Capabilities of QMS


Process Monitoring

Process monitoring helps to protect the machine and tools from excessive damage, thereby reducing operating costs and increasing machine uptime. The appropriate process parameters, such as temperature, pressure, flow, vibration and moisture can be collected directly from the machine’s controller (PLC/CNC), if provided by the OEM as part of the machine. If not, we would need to place appropriate sensors or devices that measures the required parameters. The trend of the parameters can be measured against an ideal “golden” scenario to understand the machine performance and tool degradation.


Statistical Process Control (SPC)

SPC is the use of statistical techniques to control a process or production method. SPC tools and procedures can help you monitor process behavior, discover issues in internal systems, and find solutions for production issues. SPC focuses on minimizing variation in a process and ensure consistent output quality. It is critical that, when SPC provides early-warning of emergent issues, that key personnel on the manufacturing line are alerted and can take appropriate action to resolve the issue and prevent the nascent problem from being a line-stopping problem. By moving the responsibility on quality inspection more to real-time, SPC can help catch issues as they are emerging, instead of after they have occurred.


Vendor Performance

The quality of your raw materials relates to the performance of your manufacturing process. So, it is important to maintain a supplier non-conformance management system, which can help you benchmark your suppliers and drive them to deliver better quality of materials.