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The fast changing demands of consumers today regarding quality, food safety, taste and nutritional value the food industries work smart. It is imperative for the food processing industries to produce more efficiently.

Maintaining global food safety norms with faster time to market requires the industry to have flexible and agile manufacturing process in their plants. To be competitive in the market and to be an industry leader, the food processors needs to be more efficient with raw material management and lower their production cost.

Our solutions increases yield through deployment of cost effective solutions for better utilisation of assets with IT enabled solutions to keep a track on productivity and regulatory norms in the “Farm to factory chain”.

Industry Expertise

  • Machinery and Process Automation by incorporating control elements for sequencing with safety sensing devices.
  • Retrofitment of legacy controllers and DCS for improved efficiency.
  • Improving performance of discrete standalone machines, process equipment and process skids.
    • Integrated Upstream System:
      • Raw material storing and retrieving – powder, liquid and solid materials
      • Weighing and dispensing
      • Mixing and blending
      • Material dosage system
      • Recipe management system
      • Heating and cooking control sequencing
    • Downstream machinery controls:
      • Packaging line
      • Filling
      • Sealing
      • Material handling
      • Batch code printing and verification
      • Storage and retrieval of Finished Goods (FG)
    • Batching and weighing as per flexible recipe management system
    • Material handling system for all types of materials
    • CIP/SIP controls
  • Process automation by incorporating control elements for sequencing with field instrumentation.
  • Utility equipment controls:
    • Boiler controls
    • Air compressors controls
    • Refrigeration compressors controls
    • Substation monitoring
    • DG controls
    • Load shedding
    • HVAC controls
    • Water treatment plants (ETP, DM, RO)
    • Integrated utility management system
  • User friendly engineered HMI/SCADA system on top of the integrated processes and machineries.
  • Specific Applications:
    • WFI skids
    • HVAC clean room controls (BMS)
    • Process Batch with Electronic Batch reports
    • Track and trace – traceability solutions
    • Distillation columns
    • Solvent recovery systems
  • Plant asset management system with disaster recovery.
  • Plant Efficiency Monitoring systems.
  • Plant wide process critical data management system.
  • Environmental controls:
    • Air quality monitoring and reporting
    • Water quality monitoring and reporting

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