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Predictive Analytics

Our Predictive Maintenance / Quality (PdM / PdQ) is a library of out-of-the-box, quick-to-deploy templates for Industrial RobotsStamping PressesMachine ToolsCasting Equipment, Compressors/Chillers, and other specialty equipment.

PdM facilitates and supports end-to-end analysis of large volumes of data through a reconfigurable environment designed to integrate into existing enterprise infrastructure, such as MES, ERP and CMMS (maintenance) systems including IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Infor EAM, and others.

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance:

How are we different?

Technical Advantages :

    1. Advanced pattern recognition and machine learning capabilities, resulting in more accurate predictions and allowing more problems to be detected ahead of time with less false alarms.

    2. Most competitors simply monitor elementary statistics of machine signals (mean, RMS, maximum torque), while PdM is able to gain more insights by analyzing the raw signal waveforms directly and recognizing more subtle changes in those patterns.

    3. Unlike OEM-based machine monitoring solution, PdM is OEM-agnostic. As long as the mechanism to collect the required data is available, PdM can monitor various robots of various brands and models.

Ease of Use  :

  1. PdM has easy to understand visualization functions, allowing the user to be presented with actionable information and the ability to take a deeper dive into the data when needed.
  3. Not only is the overall health of each machine shown, but also historical health values along with forecasted health value are presented.
  5. A health contribution plot can be used to quickly diagnose the machine part with an impending issue.
  7. Multiple statistical features from each joint can be shown, as well as the raw signals.