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In the competitive landscape of rubber products manufacturing, efficiency is paramount. Any delay or inefficiency in production processes can result in significant losses. One critical area that often poses challenges is the setup time during SKU changeovers for mixer equipment. In this case study, we explore how a rubber products manufacturing plant tackled this issue by implementing an innovative application leveraging the Ignition platform.


The manufacturing plant faced two primary challenges:

1. Production Loss in Mixer Process: Lengthy setup times during SKU changeovers led to production downtime, impacting overall output.

2. High Setup Time on SKU Changeovers: The setup process for mixer equipment was time-consuming, causing delays in transitioning between different product types.

Solution implemented

To address these challenges, the plant implemented an application using the Ignition platform. Key features of the application included:

1. Connection to Multiple Mixer Controllers and Databases: The application seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure, allowing it to communicate with multiple mixer controllers and databases.

2. Setup Time Validation with Logic Iteration: The application incorporated sophisticated logic to validate setup times, undergoing multiple iterations to ensure accuracy and efficiency.


After six months of implementing the solution, the plant observed significant improvements:

1. Increased Throughput of Mixer by 28%: By reducing setup times, the plant achieved a remarkable 28% increase in the throughput of mixer equipment. This improvement directly translated to enhanced productivity and output.

2. Real-Time Dashboard: The application provided a real-time dashboard, offering insights into setup times, production status, and other relevant metrics. This enabled better monitoring and decision-making for plant managers and operators.

3. Reduction in Human Intervention on Setup Process: With the automated setup process facilitated by the application, the plant experienced a reduction in the need for human intervention during SKU changeovers. This not only minimized errors but also freed up valuable manpower for other critical tasks.


By leveraging the Ignition platform to develop an innovative application, the rubber products manufacturing plant successfully addressed the challenges associated with setup times during SKU changeovers for mixer equipment.

The implementation resulted in substantial improvements in throughput, operational visibility through real-time dashboards, and reduced dependency on manual intervention. This case study underscores the importance of technology-driven solutions in enhancing efficiency and competitiveness in manufacturing environments.