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Client Profile

Industry: Electric Vehicle (EV) Manufacturing

Company Size: Mid-sized manufacturing plant with a growing demand for efficient production and maintenance practices.

Challenges Faced

1. Frequent Equipment Breakdowns: The manufacturing plant experienced regular equipment failures, leading to significant production halts.

2. Reactive Maintenance: The maintenance team primarily performed reactive maintenance, addressing issues only after equipment failure, resulting in unpredictable downtimes.

3. Increased Labor Costs: High labor costs due to inefficient maintenance practices and frequent breakdowns decreased overall process efficiency.

4. Operational Disruptions: Equipment failures led to operational disruptions, causing extensive downtime and impacting production schedules.

5. Lack of Quality Data: The absence of reliable data hindered the ability to make informed maintenance decisions.

6. Tracking Issues: Difficulty in tracking the cost of machines, equipment, and parts, leading to poor financial management.

7. Visibility Problems: Lack of visibility into pending maintenance tasks, causing delays and missed maintenance activities.


1. Eliminate manual paperwork

2. Implement scheduled maintenance to prevent unexpected breakdowns

3. Develop predictive maintenance capabilities

4. Improve visibility into maintenance tasks and parts inventory

Solution implemented

We implemented Rockwell’s Fiix Software to address their maintenance challenges. The following functionalities were delivered:

1. Work Order Management: Streamlined the creation, assignment, and tracking of work orders.

2. Scheduled Maintenance: Established a routine maintenance schedule to prevent unexpected equipment failures.

3. Parts Inventory and Purchasing: Automated parts inventory management and purchasing processes.

4. Parts Forecaster: Implemented a forecasting tool to predict parts usage and prevent stock outs.

5. Asset Management: Centralized asset information to improve tracking and management.

6. Preventive Maintenance: Set up preventive maintenance tasks to extend equipment lifespan and reduce breakdowns.

7. Inventory Management: Improved inventory control to ensure the availability of necessary parts.

8. Reporting & Analytics: Provided detailed reports and analytics for data-driven decision-making.

9. Mobile App: Enabled maintenance staff to access and update information on-the-go.

results achieved

Over the six months following the implementation of Fiix CMMS, the client experienced significant improvements:

1. Reduced Downtime by 27%: Proactive maintenance scheduling and better visibility into equipment health led to a substantial reduction in downtime.

2. Cut Operating Costs by 10%: Enhanced maintenance efficiency and reduced labor costs contributed to overall cost savings.

3. Decreased Repair Times by 20%: Improved work order management and access to real-time data enabled faster repair processes.

4. Automated Parts Purchasing: The automation of parts purchasing and PR generation streamlined procurement, reducing manual errors and delays.

5. Condition-Based Maintenance: Initiated the transition to condition-based maintenance, further preventing unexpected equipment failures.

6. Data-Driven Decisions: Access to high-quality data allowed for informed decision-making, improving maintenance strategies and overall plant efficiency.


The implementation of Rockwell’s Fiix CMMS transformed the client’s maintenance operations, addressing critical challenges and delivering tangible benefits. By shifting from reactive to proactive and predictive maintenance practices, the client achieved significant reductions in downtime, operating costs, and repair times. The CMMS provided the tools necessary for effective asset management, inventory control, and data-driven decision-making, setting the stage for sustained operational excellence in the competitive EV manufacturing industry.