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Exchange Layer

Sits above the MES modules and below the ERP, to facilitate data transactions in real-time between the shop floor, MES and the ERP systems. It can also interface with third-party PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), CMMS (Centralized Maintenance Management System) and CRMS (Centralized Recipe Management System) software running in the plant.

With SAP as an example, the eXchange Layer can ensure :


Asset Connection

Our cyber-physical systems sit above the shop floor assets and below the MES modules, to serve as the connection between the IT and OT worlds of a manufacturing plant.

It can connect with the following types of assets : 

Network Diagnostics

Industrial networks contain a huge number of devices from multiple vendors, and the assets are added and changed frequently. Continuous monitoring of the “heartbeat” of all assets connected to the IT and OT networks within a plant is essential to improve asset availability.