Weighing and Batching Automation

Our Solutions

Our intelligent Material Handling Systems are specific machinery that comprises of transfer of materials (powders and liquids) to storage, automatic weighing and batching according to recipes, feeding batched materials directly into mixers along with sequential control of processes to ensure seamless production.

The solution covers operational features and benefits of:

  1. RM receipts and qualification – GRN tracking and quality checks.
  2. Storage – Visual guiding storage and operator friendly FIFO/LIFO based WIP issues.
  3. Inventory – Reconciliation of Inventory.
  4. WIP Transfer – WIP issue tracking with Production Order.
  5. Reorder Level – Proactive alerts of material starvation during batch planning to avoid machine downtime.
  6. Poka-Yoke – Error proofing through sequential guiding system and machine interlocks.
  7. Visual Guidance – Operator friendly guiding system to avoid any mix-up and contaminations.
  8. Auto Charging / Sequencing System – Faster processing time.
  9. Maintenance – User friendly diagnostics and alerts for quick resolutions to increase up-time.
  10. Business Intelligence – Contextualized reports on production, quality, traceability, asset efficiency, and regulatory compliance.
  11. Enterprise Connectivity – Linked production order, WIP status, and inventory of RM and FG with ERP to enable quicker business decisions.
  12. Need-based Downstream Equipment Interface – Scalable from RM to FG of the manufacturing process to bring in complete visibility.


  1. The system is engineered to handle solids, liquids, and unit materials with best-in-class technology.
  2. Ensures 100% adherence to the recipe.
  3. Reduces scrap, rejections and wastages.
  4. Easy flowability ensured by selection and deployment of appropriate mechanized systems.
  5. Designed to meet the batch time and productivity within the capacity.
  6. Has the required protections to maintain clean environment of the plant.
  7. Built-in operator safety mechanisms.
  8. Meets global standards of weighing and batching systems.


Powders Handled

Titanium Dioxide, Carbon Black, Citric Acid, Crumb Rubber, Corn Meal, Calcium Carbonate, Hydrated Lime, Sulfur, Diatomaceous Earth, Cocoa Powder, 6X Powdered Sugar, Carbon Activated, Coffee, Salt, Silica Sand, Rice, Milk Powder, Flour, Sodium Sulfate, Soda Ash, Fumed Silica, Starch, Talc, Potassium Carbonate

Units Handled

Polymer Bales, Jumbo Bags, Palletized Rubber Compound, Gunny Bags, IBC Containers, Oil Barrels