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Apart from the high complexity involved in the manufacturing of tyre and rubber parts, this industry faces additional challenges due to changing global standards, with regulations on environmental impacts, and consumer demand for high performance at a lower cost.

There is a need for adopting optimised production techniques in order to control the cost of production. Reducing wastages with best use of raw materials plays a major role in the competitive market positioning of a manufacturer.

The solutions that helps to get the maximum productivity in each stage of the manufacturing process with a centralised view to detect gaps in quality, regulatory and productivity goals will ensure that operational excellence is achieved.

Our tightly integrated IT-enabled solution that are modular and scalable caters to the tyre and rubber industry to achieve their business objectives.

Industry Expertise

  • Machinery automation by incorporating control elements for sequencing with safety sensing devices.
  • Retroffitment of legacy controllers for improved efficiency.
  • Improving performance of discrete standalone machines and processes.
    • Integrated Upstream System:
      • MB/FB chemical weighing
      • Oil injection
      • Carbon and filler handling
      • Polymer handling
    • Mixing controls for Banbury, Intermix, kneader and open mills
    • Tyre building machines
    • Curing press
    • Calendars
    • Batch-off
    • Extruders
    • Ply cutters
    • Bead winders
    • Post cure inflators
  • Incorporating POKA-YOKE systems in the existing machine.
  • Quality inspection stations
    • SPC system for individual machines
  • Testing machine controls and data management
    • Balancing machines
    • Tyre test wheel
  • Tyre handling systems
    • Smart trench conveyors – avoiding tyre collision
    • Conveyor and Tote controls for GT/Tyre handling
    • GT weighment system
  • Poka- Yoke systems
    • Tread identification
    • Semi automatic chemical weighing system
    • Extruder die placement
  • MIS/MES system for manufacturing process
    • Track and trace in each stage of production
    • Barcode/RFID based tracking system
    • Web based user specific reporting portal
    • Contextualised dashboards
  • Utility equipment controls:
    • Boiler controls
    • Air compressors controls
    • Substation monitoring
    • DG controls
    • Load shedding
    • HVAC controls
    • Integrated utility management system
  • User friendly engineered HMI/SCADA system on top of the integrated processes and machineries.
  • Plant asset management system with disaster recovery.
  • Plant efficiency monitoring systems.
  • Plant wide process critical data management system.
  • Environmental controls:
    • Air quality monitoring and reporting
    • Water quality monitoring and reporting

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