Security Challenges

Challenges in OT

  1. Disparate / non-existent security policies and process on ICS (Industrial Control System) networks.
  2. IT/OT Convergence - Interconnectedness of non-homogenous systems, applications and platforms. Inadequate network segregation between IT and ICS networks.
  3. Lack of centralized security monitoring / management.
  4. Security status of ICS networks not measured / known.
  5. Missing / inconsistent security practices - Endpoint Security, Patch Management, Log Collection, Secure Remote Access, Secure Wireless & Internet Access.
  6. Limited visibility into security vulnerabilities, potential penetration / ingress points, attack surface.
  7. Corporate Espionage - State-sponsored or independently led IP theft, corporate espionage and sabotage.

Internal Threats

  1. Mistakes by SCADA operators or contractors (service providers)
  2. Fraudulent actions
  3. Compliance issues
  4. Lack of awareness and hard data for forensic investigation
  5. Unauthorized software execution
  6. Unauthorized device and wireless connections
  7. Unauthorized changes in PLC programs

Our Expertise

We work with IEC 64223 certified products to deliver control systems with the level of security that is required. With our partnership with leading Industrial Cybersecurity companies, we help protect manufacturing processes from security threats and unplanned downtime.

 Solution for ICS Security and Operational Visibility

  1. Asset Discovery & Network Visualization - Discover assets & visualize your ICS network with passive & active monitoring.
  2. Anomaly & Threat Detection - Identify anomalous and suspicious behavior and detect threats in real-time.
  3. Deep Packet Inspection - Get insights into your network with protocol analysis & deep packet inspection.
  4. ICS Risk Monitoring - Continuous monitoring to improve security posture & meet compliance regulations.
  5. Vulnerability Assessment - Know where you are vulnerable and how your assets may be compromised.