Control Automation


One of the common challenges faced by the manufacturers is keeping up with the fast-changing technology. Due to constant changes in hardware and software, the deployed control platforms and software elements become obsolete, or sometimes lead to compatibility issues. Those technologies need to be upgraded to ensure maintenance support, which in turn reduces the cost of downtime and inventory.

BASE provides Industrial Control Automation solutions to achieve the following objectives of:

  • Increasing capacity by improving the Machine / Process Performance.
  • Reducing the set-up time, changeover time and improving operational flexibility by deploying operator friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface).
  • Improving asset life cycle with reduction in maintenance cost and downtimes, through conversions, upgradations and migrations of legacy systems.


  • Since 1995, we have continuously worked with several industries from process to discrete, and we possess rich domain understanding.
  • We have executed a wide range of applications (process to discrete to batch).
  • Our team are rigorously trained and have outstanding competency with multiple brand platforms of PLC / DCS / SCADA / HMI.
  • We also provide system integration of Electrical and Instrumentation Systems.
  • Our vast service capabilities include Conceptualisation, System Designing, Manufacturing Control and Electrical Panels (including specialised and zone classified panels), Erection and Commissioning.