Augmented Reality

Benefits of AR

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays information and digital content on the real world, in real-time, using a display piece or eyeglasses. In essence, it takes the existing environment and adds digital information to it to create the augmented environment. Use of AR in the factory lets workers easily locate co-workers on the factory floor or know what machinery is operating and if it is within normal parameters. Furthermore, it can improve the production line before components hit the factory floor by streamlining product development, making it less time-consuming and more cost-effective.


  1. Maintenance – In a factory, even simple maintenance tasks (such as machine servicing) can often be unnecessarily time-consuming because of the amount of administrative work involved. AR lets maintenance crews see exactly which machines and equipment need servicing at a glance by using an AR device to see product data and history, cutting out hours spent digging out the information needed for the task.
  2. Training Factory Workers – Digital Twin technology can be combined with AR in manufacturing settings to create virtual clones of a physical asset, providing a dynamic, digital model to show technicians how to service and repair machines on the factory floor. This kind of immersive AR experience lets businesses put in place a more dynamic and cost-effective maintenance training program.
  3. Complex Assembly – Modern manufacturing involves putting together hundreds and thousands of pieces in complex assemblies as quickly as possible. Whether you're manufacturing the latest smartphone or the world's largest airliners, assembly instructions need to be followed. With the aid of AR glasses that use depth sensors, cameras, and motion sensors that overlay images into real world during work, operators are able to see renderings of bolts, cables, part numbers and instructions on how to assemble a specific component.
  4. You Can Access Data Easily – Service engineers can go up to any item that comes with IoT technology, select any object and get any information from a company’s back-end enterprise resource planning system. With that, they will have access to the object’s specs, location, inventory, and lead times
  5. You Can Solve Your Daily Shop Floor Problems – To address all of the pain points of your shop floor, your teams require real-time access in order to deal with the problems at hand, whether they are within the company or outside of it. With Augmented Reality in manufacturing on your side, your manufacturing operations employees can directly show all of the problems to your maintenance teams and engineers. They can also view KPIs in real-time as well as diagnose and resolve the issue without interfering with production.